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Schubert: (re)inventions

paladino music PMR0058
Recording Date: 
Sept 2014
Recording Venue: 
Teatro Accademico, Castelfranco Veneto / Italy
February 2015

My dear friend and great colleague Alberto Mesirca "invented" this project in 2014. While I loved the idea of the Lieder with guitar accompaniment and looked forward to playing the (unexpectedly difficult!) Notturno, I must admit that I was originally quite sceptical if the "Arpeggione" Sonata would work with guitar. This was by no means doubting Alberto's artistry, but just thinking about the huge difference to the piano or fortepiano accompaniment that I was used to. To be totally honest, I remember sitting on the plane to Venice for the recording thinking "oh well, I might have to do a second recording with piano one day".

Boy, was I wrong! When we started rehearsing, I realized how much more intimately I could approach the sonata, and with each run-through, I loved it more. The end result is very dear to my heart, and the experience has proven me (once again) that prejudice in music is what sometimes prevents the most beautiful things to happen. I am hugely grateful for this experience: Thanks, Alberto!