What I play

If you are looking for a certain piece and it is not there, ask if I might be willing to learn it - in most cases I will. The time when a cellist's repertoire was limited to two handfuls of pieces has long gone. I am constantly learning new works and enjoy doing so, although I have certain objections towards some contemporary pieces in which I cannot find the urge to communicate or which require me to use the cello as a percussion instrument. Even with nearly 50 cello concertos in my repertoire now, there are still a number of works that I have never played but would love to. If you are a conductor or orchestra manager and want to do the Bliss or Sullivan Concertos, or one of the Vieuxtemps Concertos, do not hesitate to ask!


The list below is an indication of what I have done, although I think neiter the duo nor the chamber music lists are complete.

Repertoire with orchestra


d’Albert, Concerto in C Major
Beethoven, Triple Concerto in C Major op 56
Blake, “Diversions“
Boccherini, Concerto in D Major
Boccherini, Concerto in B Flat (Grützmacher)
Brahms, Double Concerto in a minor op 102
Britten, Cello Symphony op 68
Bruch, “Kol Nidrei“ op 47
Dohnányi, Concert Piece in D Major op 12
Dutilleux, “Tout un monde lointain …“
Dvořák, Concerto in b minor op 104
Dvořák, “Silent Woods“ op 68/5, & Rondo op 94
Elgar, Concerto in E Minor op 85
Gubaidulina, “Sieben Worte”
Gulda, Concerto
Haydn, Concerto in C Major Hob. VIIb: 1
Haydn, Concerto in D Major Hob. VIIb: 2
Haydn, Concerto in D Major Hob. VIIb: 4
Lalo, Concerto in D Minor
Martinů, Concertino in C Minor (1924)
Milhaud, Concerto No 1 op 136
Monn, Concerto in G Minor
Pfitzner, Concerto in A Minor op. post.
Popper, Suite "Im Walde" op 50
Popper, “Hungarian Rhapsody“ op 68
Popper, Concerto No 1 in D Minor op 8
Popper, Concerto No 2 in E Minor op 25
Popper, Concerto No 3 in G Major op 59
Popper, Concerto No 4 in B Minor op 72
Prokofiev, Sinfonia Concertante op 125
Rogl, Concerto op 24 (“ViolonChallenges“)
Rudnytsky, “Costa Blanca Suite“
Saint-Saens, Suite op 16
Saint-Saens, Concerto No 1 in A Minor op 33
Schmidinger, Concerto
Schnittke, Concerto No 1
Schumann, Concerto in A Minor op 129
Shostakovich, Concerto No 1 op 107
Shostakovich, Concerto No 2 op 126
Strauss, “Don Quixote“ op 33
Strauss, Romanza in F Major AV 75
Tavener, “The Protecting Veil“
Tchaikovsky, “Rococo Variations” op 33
Tchaikovsky, “Pezzo Capriccioso“ op 62
Vaughan Williams, "Fantasy on Sussex Folk Tunes"
Volkmann, Concerto in A Minor
Whettam, “Concerto Drammatico“
Whettam, “Ballade Hébraïque“
Zani, 12 Concertos (complete)


Unaccompanied works


Bach, Complete Cello Suites
Blake, Prelude from "Benedictus"
Britten, Suite No 3 op 87
Cassadó, Suite
Crumb, Sonata
Dorner, Schumann Variations
Gubaidulina, 10 Preludes
Henze, Serenade
Hindemith, Solo Sonata op 25/3
Kodály, Solo Sonata op 8
Kurtág, Az hit ...
Pintscher, Figura V
Reger, Complete Solo Suites
Tagell, Flamenco
Whettam, Solo Sonata
Whettam, Romanzas Nos 1 & 2



Works with one other instrument


Bach, Sonatas BWV 1027-1029
Baker, Suite for cello and percussion
Beethoven, Complete Sonatas and Variations
Beethoven, Duo (with viola)
Blake, "Diversions"
Blake, "Jazz Dances"
Bloch, "From Jewish Life"
Brahms, Sonatas opp 38, 78 and 99
Caix d'Hervelois, Suite
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, "Figaro"
Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Sonata for viola and cello
Chopin, Sonata, Polonaise and Duo concertant
Debussy, Sonata
de Falla, Suite populaire Espagnole
Demus, Sonate poétique
d'Indy, Lied
Dohnányi, Sonata
Dvorák, "Silent Woods"
Dvorák, Polonaise, Rondo & Slavonic dances
Fauré, Sonata No 2
Fauré, Papillon & Elegie
Franck, Sonata
Gabrielli, Sonata in G
Glière, 12 Album Leaves
Glière, 8 Duos with violin
Glière, 10 Duos with cello
Grützmacher, Five Pieces op 4
Grützmacher, Hungarian Rhapsody op 7
Gubaidulina, "In Croce" (with organ or bayan)
Gubaidulina, "Freue Dich" (with violin)
Hindemith, Three Pieces op 8
Hindemith, "Ludus minor" (with clarinet)
Hummel, Sonata in A
Janácek, "Pohádka"
Klengel, Concertinos Nos 1-4
Kodály, Duo (with violin)
Marais, Suite
Martinu, Sonatas Nos 1-3
Martinu, Nocturnes
Martinu, Rossini & Slavonic Variations
Mendelssohn, Sonatas opp 45 & 58
Mendelssohn, Variations op 17 & Lied op 109
Merk, "Fleurs d'Italie"
Mozart/Grützmacher, Sonata in B Flat
Mozart/Dorner, Sonata in B Flat
Mozart, Duos K 423 and 424 (with violin or flute)
Piazzolla, Le Grand Tango
Popper, Suites opp 16, 50, 60 & 69
Popper, various short pieces
Poulenc, Sonata
Prokofieff, Sonata
Rachmaninoff, Sonata
Ravel, Sonata (with violin)
Reger, Complete Sonatas
Reinecke, Complete Sonatas
Rossini, Duo (with double bass)
Ries, Complete Sonatas
Rubbra, Sonata
Saint-Saens, Suite op 16
Schnittke, Sonatas Nos 1 & 2
Schubert, "Arpeggione"-Sonata
Schubert/Fournier, Duo D 574
Schubert/Rummel, "Winterreise" D 911
Schumann, opp 70, 73 & 102
Schumann/Grützmacher, Sonata op 105
Schumann/Rummel, "Dichterliebe" op 48
Shostakovich, Sonata
Strauss, Sonata op 6
Stravinsky, Suite italienne
Vivaldi, Six Sonatas
Vivaldi/Dallapiccola, Six Sonatas
Villa-Lobos, "Jet Whistle" (with flute)
Webern, Complete Cello Works
Whettam, Serenade (with guitar)
Zani, Complete Divertimenti (with violin)



Piano Trios
Beethoven (complete), Brahms (complete), Chausson, Chopin, Crumb ("Voice of the Whale"), Dvorák ("Dumky"), Eberl (Clarinet Trio), Feldman, Haydn (various), Hummel (Flute Trio), Korngold, Martinu (Flute Trio), Mendelssohn (opp 49, 113, 114), Mozart (complete), Ravel, Rubbra, Schubert (complete), Shostakovich (op 67), Rogl (Saxophone Trio), Rota (Clarinet Trio), Sulzer (Piano Trio and Clarinet Trio), Weber (Flute Trio), Zemlinsky (Clarinet Trio)


Piano Quartets
Brahms (op 25), Dvorák (No 2), Fauré (No 1), Hill, Mahler, Messiaen ("Quatuor pour la fin du temps"), Mozart (complete), Schnittke, Schumann


Piano Quintets
Brahms, Dohnányi (complete), Dvorák, Schönberg/Webern ("Chamber Symphony No 1"), Schubert ("Trout"), Schumann


String Quartets
Beethoven ("Große Fuge"), Haydn ("Sunrise"), Mozart ("Dissonance"), Ravel, Schubert ("Quartettsatz", "Rosamunde"), Verdi


Bach ("Goldberg Variations" as string trio), Beach (Flute Quintet), Beethoven (complete string trios), Berio ("Folk Songs"), Bolling (Suite for cello and Jazz Piano Trio), Brahms (complete quintets and sextets), Bruckner (String Quintet), Francaix (String Trio), Gubaidulina ("Silenzio"), Mendelssohn (Octet), Mozart (Divertimento K 563, Clarinet Quintet, Flute Quartets), Penderecki (Clarinet Quartet), Ries (Flute Trio), Romberg (Divertissement), Roussel (Flute Trio), Schnittke (String Trio), Schönberg ("Verklärte Nacht", "Pierrot Lunaire" and Chamber Symphony No. 1), Schubert (Octet, String Quintet and String Trios), Schubert/Matiegka: "Notturno", Shostakovich ("Blok Romances"), Strauss (Sextet from "Capriccio"), Tchaikowsky ("Souvenir de Florence"), Villa-Lobos ("Bachianas Brasileiras") and ca 50 works for multiple cellos.

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